Sex addicted KPOP roleplayers 

We’ve noticed that a lot of KPOP roleplayers are sex addicts. People start talking to you and after a while you already notice that the only thing they want is to get in your pants. When you turn them down and they stop talking to then you really know that it was all they were after. It’s pretty sad to see that it has come down to this to be honest. We’re not saying that it’s a bad thing in general but it sure shouldn’t be the main reason or focus why someone starts talking to someone else.

It’s also quite sad that there’s specific roleplay directories that are basically made to hold characters who are only looking to get laid 99% of the time. We know that it’s roleplay, but in some way it seems quite disrespectful towards the artists people are roleplaying.

We’ve come across quite a few of roleplayers already and found it quite disturbing to see underage artists made into sexually frustrated characters or sex addicts. It’s one thing to use artists who are actually older than 18, but making artists like B.A.P’s Zelo or NU’EST’s Ren act like that is quite sick in our opinion.

It also has been brought up to us by several people that it seems like most Super Junior’s Eunhyuk roleplayers are a bunch of horndogs and want to get into everyone’s pants as well as spamming numerous porn posts most of the time.

Roleplaying isn’t just about sex and getting laid or at least it shouldn’t be. Not to mention that it’s illegal if someone is under 18 out of character (OOC). Everybody who’s over 18 OOC and roleplays smut with someone who’s under 18 OOC can get in serious trouble if someone would take legal actions. We think that a lot of people don’t seem to realize that.

We don’t want to tell anyone how to roleplay their characters, but we want to ask everyone to think about the way they act and portray them.

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